Mutual Funds

Fund name As of date Currency NAV per unit Total NAV
Conservative Fund Bulgaria 24.03.2017 BGN 1.5037 90 906 827.2900
Active Protection 24.03.2017 EUR 1.1988 27 225 013.7800
Global Growth 24.03.2017 BGN 1.2402 9 456 101.8400
Global Mix 24.03.2017 EUR 1.0115 4 904 165.7100

Realized return

Fund nameAs of dateSince inceptionFor the last 6 monthsFor the last 12 monthsYear to date
Conservative Fund Bulgaria 24.03.2017


0.26% 1.03%  0.27%
Active Protection * 24.03.2017 2.56%



Global Growth 24.03.2017 5.44% 9.21%



Global Mix 24.03.2017 1.19%


n/a -0.37%

*The displayed returns include results achieved within the investment objectives and the investment policy of MF Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Protected Investment in Euro set before the Fund transformation as of 25.11.2015 and are therefore not relevant when assessing the performance of MF Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection. The data refers to the past and is not a reliable indicator of future results.


10 Years since the inception of the first public offering of units of UCITS, organised and managed by Raiffeisen Asset Management 17.03.2016

We are happy to celebrate our 10th anniversary since the inception of the first public offering of units of UCITS, organised and managed by Raiffeisen Asset Management.

Over the past years the Company successfully responded to the many challenges the ever changing world of financial markets offered. Our flexible and innovative approach paired with our relentlessness helped us navigate through and adopt to ...

Changes in the management fee and redemption fee for the MF Raiffeisen Conservative Fund Bulgaria 10.02.2016

"Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria)" EAD, informs its investors that as of 03.02.2016 the management fee for MF Raiifeisen Conservative Fund Bulgaria will be reduced from 0.35% to 0.25% from the average annual NAV of the fund. For the period 03.02.2016 – 02.08.2016 investments of 6 or more than 6 months will not be charged with a redemption ...

Information for the investors of MF Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Liquidity Fund 21.01.2016


Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria) EAD, the Asset Management Company managing  MF Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Liquidity Fund, informs its investors that as of 18.01.2016 MF Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Liquidity Fund is renamed to MF Raiffeisen Conservative Fund Bulgaria. As of 18.01.2016 the redemption fee for units of MF Raiffeisen Conservative Fund Bulgaria (former Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Liquidity Fund)  is changed as follows:


  • the redemption ...

"Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria)" EAD reduces the management fee for the MF "RAIFFEISEN (BULGARIA) LIQUIDITY" 04.01.2016

Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria), managing the MF "RAIFFEISEN (BULGARIA) LIQUIDITY" informs its investors that as of 01.01.2016 management fees paid to the management company will be reduced from 0.75% to 0.35% of average annual net asset value of the Fund "RAIFFEISEN (BULGARIA) LIQUIDITY." Relevant fund documents will be updated upon official approval by the FSC.