Austrian Funds RCM

Raiffeisen Capital Management is the Austrian Market Leader and an Active Europe-based Player in Investment Funds.

After being founded in 1985, the company was able to take over the leading position in Austria after just five years. Around the start of the new millennium, Raiffeisen Capital Management achieved particularly strong growth at the international level.

Raiffeisen Capital Management currently manages EUR 30 billion in assets (as of end of June 2015, incl. advisories), with institutional investors accounting for EUR 17 billion. Raiffeisen Capital Management (Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft) is part of Austria’s largest banking group and with a market share of 17 percent in investment funds one of the leading national Asset Management Companies.

Performance Quality

Standard & Poor’s awarded Raiffeisen securities funds its best rating of AAA four times in 2002, a score reserved for truly outstanding investment funds. These top ratings were confirmed in the years thereafter.
In 2004, Raiffeisen-Euro-Bonds garnered a triple A, the first Euro bond fund issued by an Austrian investment company to be so honoured.

These high ratings indicate the ability of a company to repeat past performances in the future and put Raiffeisen Capital Management in a league with Europe’s best asset management companies.

International Sales

International investment has become a mainstay of successful business at RCM in recent years. As an asset manager, the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria today manages 12 percent (EUR 5 bn) of its portfolio for international clients. Foreign clients now account for two-thirds of new volume inflows.


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