RCM Global Equities Fund

Raiffeisen Global Equities is an equity fund. The fund is established on 16.10.1986.  It invests mainly (at least 51% of funs assets) in equities and securities equivalent to equities issued by companies which are domiciled or primary active in the markets of North America, Europe or the developed counries in the Pacific region. Additionally, it can invest in other securities, including bonds and money market insruments of sovereigns, supranationaland/or corporate issuers, as well as in investment fund units and sight or deposits at notice.  Sectoral and country allocation ensures broad diversification. The fund is actively managed and is not limited by a benchmark.

The fund is suitable for investors who wish to take advantage of the excellent return opportunities offered by equity investments and are consciously willing to accept the relatively high level of fluctuation in prices (development of share prices and exchange rates). The recommended  investment horizon is  at least 10 years.

fee when the investment amounts up to € 200 000
Subscription fee when the investment amounts above € 200 000,01
Entry fee 1.75% 0.50%
Redemption fee there are no fees

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Investing in mutual funds involves certain risks. The value of the shares and the income from them may go down. Profit is not guaranteed and there is a risk for investors may not recover the full amount of money. Investing in Mutual Funds is not guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund, established by the State or any other warranty. Future performance of the contract funds are not necessarily associated with results from previous periods.

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