Raiffeisen Active Protection in Euro

Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in Euro is established after the transformation of “Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Fund Protected Investment in Euro”

 “Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Fund Protected Investment in Euro” starts public offering of its units on 19th January 2010. Since 25th October 2015, the fund was transformed into a Feeder collective investment scheme, named “Raiffesien (Bulgaria) Active Protection”, which invests 85% or more of its assets in units of “Raiffeisen-Euro-Click” – Master collective investment scheme, which is organized and managed by Raiffeisen Capital Management – Austria. The investment objective of the fund is realizing capital gains while taking low to medium risk.


 Characteristic of the typical investor

Units of Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in Euro are suitable for investors, who seek to protect their initial investment and to realize capital gains. The fund is not recommended for investors who pursue a strategy of daily monitoring of market conditions, as well as for investors who intend to trade with units of the fund on a regular basis in order to achieve short-term capital gains.     

Investing in units of Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection is suitable for investors looking for liquid investments, giving them the opportunity to quickly sell part or all of their units and obtain their value including realized returns.


Investment objectives of the mutual fund

Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in Euro invests at least 85% of its assets in units of Raiffeisen Euro-Click, which carry  low to moderate risk to investors by seeking moderate capital growth and aim to preserve 90% of the highest historically achieved unit value (so-called “click level”).The choice of the master scheme is defined by its compliance with the investment objectives of Raiffeisen Active Protection. The portfolio of the master scheme is constructed in a way to provide diversification by investing in various financial instruments, various market segments and industries and various currencies and issuers in order to reduce volatility and avoid overexposure to a single asset class/issuer. The fund does not pursue a concrete goal in terms of a particular industry, geographic region or asset class.



Raiffiesen-Euro-Click offers a mechanism of protection, which aims at preserving 90% of the highest historical NAV per share and prevention of losses in excess of 10% of that value. This model is not a binding investment goal of the Fund and is not a solid guarantee for the funds invested in it. That is why capital losses are possible. As a part of the Fund’s investment strategy, investment in derivatives is possible. As a result of its composition and management techniques, the fund could show high volatility levels – the share price could rise and fall significantly in short periods of time, which makes capital loss limitation impossible.


MF Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in Euro is Feeder collective investment scheme which invests by way of derogation from the provisions of Art. 4, para 1, Item 1, Art. 38, 45, 48 and Art. 49, para 2, Item 3 of LACISOCIU, at least 85 per  cent of its assets in units of Austrian MF „Raiffeisen Euro Click“ organized and managed by Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Investing in mutual funds is related to certain risks. The value of the units and income generated from them may decrease. Earnings are not guaranteed and there is a risk for the investors to not recuperate the full amount of their investments. Investments in mutual funds are not secured by a Guarantee Fund, established by the State or any other type of guarantee. The future performance of mutual funds are not necessarily related to the results of previous periods. The information presented is not a recommendation for investment in financial instruments, including units of mutual funds organized and managed by Raiffeisen Asset Management Bulgaria and should not be construed as such. For investors it is advisable to get acquainted with the current prospectuses and rules of mutual funds before deciding to invest. Full prospectuses and additional information about mutual funds may be obtained at the offices of Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria) EAD and Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD, as well as on the website of RAM www.ram.bg.

Custodian bank of the Master scheme is Raiffeisen Bank International AG. The prospectus, annual and semi-annual financial statements, the prices for subscription and redemption, as well as additional information for the Master scheme can be found free of charge in German on www.rcm.at. In case of international registrations from countries that are not German speaking, you can find this information in English on www.rcm-international.com. Upon request, the investor is entitled to receive free of charge, paper copy of the prospectus, annual and semi-annual reports of the Master scheme.