RAM Company will offer assets of 8 foreign and 4 local funds 15.12.2005 Back

Raiffeisen Asset Management, which is part of the Raiffeisen group, will offer opportunities for investment in eight Raiffeisen Capital Management’s funds belonging to the Austrian asset management company currently managing a portfolio of over EUR 32 bln (Sep. 2005). The funds, which will be offered to local investors through the distribution channels of Raiffeisenbank, cover a wide range of portfolio products - bonds and shares – traded on global and regional markets (CEE, CIS and the emerging Asian markets). These funds have an investment grade rating from Standard and Poor’s and are among the most attractive and best selling in the countries where Raiffeisen Capital Management operates – Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to the Austrian funds the company will offer 4 local funds – “Raiffeisen money market”, “Raiffeisen bonds”, “Raiffeisen shares” and “Raiffeisen balanced” fund. Thus, the company presents local investors with the unique opportunity to invest in assets on international as well as on local markets with the intermediation of a team of professionals of just one company.

“Presently, over 8 per cent of the people, with savings over BGN 20 000 are clients of Raiffeisenbank and by offering the products of Raiffeisen Asset Management we will present investors with an excellent alternative for a profitable investment”, said Momchil Andreev, CEO of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD.

The establishment of Raiffeisen Asset Management is a logical step in Raiffeisenbank’s policy aimed at expanding its financial and investment services. Owing to of Raiffeisenbank’ excellent market positions in investment banking and its wide distribution network, the asset management company will be able to meet the increasing demands for alternative investment products. Registration of the company in Sofia City Court is pending.