Two more funds of Raiffeisen Capital Management will be offered from November 1 onward 07.11.2007 Back

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) has approved the prospectuses for public offering of units of two more best-selling funds of Raiffeisen Capital Management, Vienna – “Raiffeisen Emerging Market Equities” and “Raiffeisen European SmallCap”. Units of the funds will be offered from November 1, 2007 onward through the distribution network of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) and Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria).

“Raiffeisen Emerging Market Equities” invests primarily in shares of companies based in emerging markets of Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. The shares are picked up on the basis of countries and sectors with the aim of achieving better diversification. The fund is suitable for investors who wish to take advantage of an opportunity for higher capital returns and are ready to accept a relatively high level of price fluctuations. Companies with bigger shares in the fund’s portfolio are Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Gazprom OAO, Cia Vale do Rio Doce, Citigroup Global Markets, China Mobile Ltd, Deutsche Bank AG London.

The assets of “Raiffeisen European SmallCap” in turn are invested in shares of small and medium-sized companies based in eurozone countries. Preferred branches of the economy wherefrom the companies are selected are those that carry high return potential such as industry, finance, power generation and information technologies.

Following the addition of the two new funds, Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria) already offers opportunities for investment in 10 foreign and 4 local funds, this way covering key international markets and a full spectrum of risk profiles.

Separately, the company awaits the approval of the prospectus of Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) $ Balanced Fund that has recently been submitted to FSC, too.


Raiffeisen Capital Management, headquartered in Vienna (, is the No. 1 Austrian investment fund company with EUR 45 bn in assets under management as of September 2007. Raiffeisen Capital Management is represented in all key markets and regularly wins top awards of rating agencies and professional media for its performance.

Raiffeisen Asset Management Bulgaria ( is leader on the Bulgarian market in terms of assets under management at its funds. As of September 30, 2007, net assets of the four local funds managed by Raiffeisen Asset Management Bulgaria amounted to BGN 130 million. Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria) EAD is a fully owned subsidiary of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD.