Change in the name of Money Market Fund 05.12.2012 Back

Dear customers,

We hereby inform you that the Board of Directors of "Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)" - sole shareholder of "Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria)" EAD adopted a decision to change the name of a mutual fund managed by Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria), "Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Money Market Fund" to "Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Liquidity". The decision was taken in relation to the guidelines adopted by the FSC to implement CESR (Committee of European Securities Regulators) guidelines for funds that invest in money market instruments.

Changing the name of the Fund was approved by the Financial Supervision Commission Decision № 1086 of 16 November 2012.

Please note that in addition to the name of the product, all other circumstances connected with the fund remain unchanged.

The change is effective from 04.12.2012.