Information under Article 79 para. 1 LACISOCIU Information for the unitholders of mutual fund: MF „Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Global Growth Fund“ 28.04.2015 Back

Raiffeisen Asset Management (Bulgaria) EAD hereby notifies its customers of the forthcoming transformation of MF „Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Global Growth Fund“ into a Feeder collective investment scheme, under Art. 67, para. 1 of Law on the Activities of Collective Investment  Schemes and Other Collective Investment Undertakings, pursuant to Decision no. 313-ДФ of 23 April 2015 issued by the Financial Supervision Commission.

MF „Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Global Growth Fund“ has obtained approval from the Financial Supervision Commission to invest, by way of derogation from the  provisions of Art. 4, para 1, Item 1, Art. 38, 45, 48 and Art. 49, para 2, Item 3 of LACISOCIU, at least 85 per  cent of its assets in units of Austrian MF „Raiffeisen Global Equities“, hereinafter referred to as "Master collective investment scheme", organized and managed by Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H.


We recommend all investors who are not familiar with the characteristics of the Master and the Feeder collective investment scheme and the way they operate to read the documents carefully.

The transformation process incorporates the following stages:

1.   Redemption period

The investors in MF „Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Global Growth Fund“ are granted the opportunity to submit redemption orders for their units from 29 April 2015 until 28 May 2014 inclusive. Redemption fees remains unchanged – 0.35 per cent. No extra fees will be charged by the Management Company during the period.

 2.   Effective transformation date

Effective date for MF „Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Global Growth Fund“ to start investing at least 85 per cent of its assets in units of Austrian MF „Raiffeisen Global Equities“ is  29 May 2015.


Further information may be obtained in the office of the management company at the following address: Business Center EXPO 2000, 55 Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd.,  Phase II, Sofia, on the following internet address: and on the following telephone numbers: (+359 2) 91 985 467 and (+359 2) 91 985 626.